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    .No admission 禁止入内

    Children under five years no admittance 五岁以下儿童,禁止入内

    Admission by invitation only 非请莫入

    No admittance except on business 非公莫入

    Inspection declined 谢绝参观

    Hands off 请勿触摸

    Queue here for tickets在此排队购票

    Tickets cannot be changed or money refunded 票经售出,概不退换

    Admission free 免费入场

    Ticket holders only 凭票入场

    Seat by number 对号入座

    Way in 由此入内

    Way out 由此外出

    Visitors not admitted 游客止步

    Cameras are forbidden 禁止拍照

    No passing 禁止通行

    Full house 客满

    The way to ……..此路通往…..

    No thoroughfare 此路不通

    Keep to the path 请走人行道

    No pass , no passage 无通行证者,不得通过

    Toll free 免费通行

    Road ahead closed 前方施工,禁止通行

    Road up detour 前方施工,请绕行

    Caution :road up 注意:翻修马路

    One way traffic 单行道

    No turn 严禁转弯

    Consecutive curves 连续转弯

    Keep right 靠右行驶

    Reduced speed now 减速行驶

    Keep space 保持车距

    No overtaking 严禁超车

    No honking 禁止鸣喇叭

    Dogs not allowed 禁止携犬入内

    Keep off the grass 勿踏草地

    No nuisance 禁止倒垃圾

    No scribbling 禁止涂写

    Post no bills 禁止招贴

    Bathing and fishing prohibited 禁止游泳 钓鱼

    Wet paint 油漆未干

    Keep it dry 切勿受潮

    Guard against damp 防潮

    Keep cool 保持冷藏

    No hooking 禁止用手钩

    Keep upright 切勿倒置

    Do not turn upside down 切勿倾倒

    Stand on end 竖立放置

    This side up 此端向上

    Light cargo on top 轻货放在上面

    Handle with care 小心轻放

    Compensation for damage 损害赔偿

    Danger ,high voltage 高压危险

    Danger ,keep out 切勿入内

    Beware of dangers 提防危险

    Beware of pickpockets 小心扒手

    Replace the newspaper after reading 报纸阅后,放回原处

    Shut the door behind you 随手关门

    Lost and found 失物招领

    Luggage depository 行李存放处

    Business hours 营业时间

    Office hours 办公时间

    I. Road and Traffic 公路和交通??

    ?Approaching end of motorway 即将驶出高速。? ?Avoid the jams. 避免交通堵塞。 ? ?Dangerous bend 弯道危险 ? ?

    Diverted traffic 交叉路口 ?

    ?Entry to motorway 高速入口? ?

    Left junction 左交叉口 ?

    ?Look left (right) 向左(右)看。 ?

    ?Low bridge ahead 前方桥低。? ?

    New hours of parking control 停车控制新时段 ? ?No entry 禁止驶人? ?

    No stopping at any time 任何时间不准停车 ? ?No thoroughfare 禁止通行 ?

    ?No trade or business vehicle unless authorized 未经允许货车禁止通行。? ?

    Pedestrian crossing ahead 注意前方人行横道。 ? ?Pedestrian crossing 人行横道 ? ?Please drive carefully 请小心驾驶。?

    ?Road closed 此路封闭 ?

    ?Slow, school 前方学校请慢行。? ?

    Speed limit of 48kmh 限速每小时48公里 ? ?

    The law requires you wear a seatbelt 法规要求系安全带。? ?

    This vehicle stops frequently 随时停车 ??II.

    Car and Parking 汽车和停车? ?

    Car park front and rear.前后停车?

    ?Cars parked here without permission will be clamped 未经允许在此停车将被拖走? ?Guest's car park 来客停车场 ?

    Limited parking 停车位有限?

    ?No parking constantly in use 此处经常使用,禁止停车。 ?

    ?No parking except for loading. 除装货外,禁止停车。?

    ?No parking in front of this gate 门前禁止停车 ? ?No parking in use 24 hours a day 此处24小时使用,禁止停车。?

    ?No parking or materials in front of doors 门前不准停车或堆放杂物。? ?

    Parking for taxis only 只准许出租停。? ?

    Parking permitted 允许停车?

    ?Please do not park in front of the barrier 请不要在护拦前停车。 ?

    ?Please do not park. Garage in use. 车库使用,门前请不要停车。?

    ?Please ensure that you have paid and display 请确保已买票并张贴。 ?

    ?Rent a car and go as you please 租辆车想去哪就去哪。?

    ?Strictly no parking 严禁停车?

    ?This is a pay and display car park 此停车场自动交费并张贴票据。 ?

    ?VIP car park 贵宾停车场?

    ?You will be required to leave a deposit when you pick up the car.取车时需交押金。 ?III.Bus and Coach 公共汽车和长途汽车?

    ? Bus information 公共汽车问讯处 ?

    ?Bus lane 公共汽车道 ?

    ?Bus stand 公共汽车停车处 ?

    ?Double deck buses 双层公共汽车?

    ?End of bus lane 公共汽车道结束?

    ?In case of fire, stay in vehicle 如遇火警,请呆在车内。 ?

    ?Keep your belongings with you at all times 随时照看好你的物品?

    ?The light indicates the door is not secured. 指示灯亮显示门未关好。? ?

    Theses seats are meant for elderly and handicapped persons & women ? ?with child. 老人,残疾人及抱小孩的妇女专座。 ?

    ?This coach is for holders of full fare. 本长途汽车专为持全程票者乘坐。?

    ?When the bus is moving, do not speak to the driver 汽车行使中,严禁与司机交谈。 ? ?With permission, but at owner's risk 允许存放,但后果自负。 ?

    ?IV.Tube and Train 地铁和火车?

    ?After 21:00 hours access to London underground station.21:00以后,开往伦敦地铁站。? ?Certain stations are closed on public holidays. 假日某些车站关闭?

    ?From … to … route … 从……到……途经……? ?Help us to keep the tube litter free 请协助我们,保持地铁清洁卫生。?

    ?Luggage must not be put in the gateway 行李不准放到过道上。?

    ?Mind the gap 小心台阶间跨度 ? ?

    Not valid on certain trains. 车票对某些列车无效 ? ?Peak hours only 只限高峰时段?

    ?Please keep gateways clear 请保持过道畅通。? ?Please retain your ticket for inspection 请保留车票待检。?

    ?Single or return tickets only 单程或往返程票 ? ?Stand clear of the door 请不要站在门口。 ? ?The last train this evening will be the service to … 今晚最后一列火车是到……? ? Ticket valid until 30 June 2003. 车票有效期到2003年6月30日。?

    ?To ensure punctuality, this barrier may be closed up to one minute ? ?prior to departure of each train 为确保准时发车,此门在发车前一分钟关闭。 ? ?Toilet engaged 厕所有人? ?Train departure 出站列车 ?

    ?Tube to … 地铁开往… ?

    ?V.Airport 飞机场?

    ?Airport lounges 机场休息室 ? ?

    Airports shuttle 机场班车?

    ?Arrivals 进港 ?

    ?Assistance 问讯处 ?

    ?Check in area (zone) 办理登机区 ? ?Customers lounges 旅客休息室 ?

    ?Departure airport 离港时间?

    ?Departure times on reverse 返航时间 ? ?Departures 出港 ?

    ?Destination airport 到达机场?

    ?Domestic flights. 国内航班?

    ?Emergency exit 安全出口 ?

    ?Exit to all routes 各通道出口?

    ?Flight connections 转机处?

    ?Help point (desk) 问讯处 ?

    ?Inquiries 问讯处 ?

    ?Left baggage 行李寄存?

    ?Lost property 失物招领 ?

    ?Luggage from flights 到港行李 ?

    ?Luggage pick up 取行李 ?

    ?Luggage reclaim 取行李 ?

    ?Missing people help line 走失求救热线 ? ?Missing, police appeal for assistance 警察提供走失帮助。 ?

    ?No smoking except in designated area 除指定区域外,禁止吸烟。 ? ?

    Nothing (something) to declare 无(有)报关 ? ?Passport control 入境检验 ?

    ?Please leave your luggage with you at all times 请随身携带你的行李。 ?

    ?Queue here 在此排队 ?

    ?Reclaim belt 取行李传送带 ?

    ?Reserved seating 预定的座位 ?

    ?Return fares 往返票价?

    ?Short stay 短暂停留 ?

    ?Stay close 跟紧?

    ?Welcome aboard 欢迎登机 ?

    ?VI.Purchases and Sales 商品买卖?

    ?15% off with this flyer 凭此宣传品优惠15% ? ?50% off on selected lines 部分商品降半价 ? ?Accessories & spares delivered to your door 配件送货上门。?

    ?All the range of … available. 各种……有货? ?As many repairs as you need, free of charge 随时免费维修?

    ?Ask at the counter for details 详情问柜台 ? ?Ask inside for details 详情里面询问 ? ?Best choice and best discounts 最佳选择,最大优惠?

    ?Big sale 大甩卖 ?

    ?Brighter shopping, brighter prices 明智的购物,透明的价格?

    ?Buy any two together and save 10% off both products 一次性买俩,每个优惠10%? ?Buy one and get anyone free 买一赠一 ?

    ?Buy two get one free 买二赠一?

    ?Children's wear 童装?

    ?Closing sale 关门大甩卖 ?

    ?Computers in stock 电脑有货?

    ?Customer care is our top priority 顾客至上? ?Customer services 顾客服务处?

    ?Easy to use and great value too. 好用实惠,物美价廉?

    ?Fill in your selection here and take to a pay point.在此选购商品填单,然后到收款台付款 ?。?

    ?Final clear out 清仓大甩卖 ?

    ?For more information,contact our customer service desk 详情请和顾客服务处联系。? ?Free delivery to your door 免费送货上门? ?Furniture sale now on 家具现降价销售 ? ?Half price sale 半价甩卖 ?

    ?Hours of opening: 营业时间?

    ?Massive stock, clear out 大量库存,清仓甩卖? ?Offer is subject to availability. 现货优惠,卖完为止? ?Open for business as usual 照常营业 ? ?Opening soon 即将开业 ?

    ?Opening times (hours): 营业时间: ?

    ?We can provide the complete hospitality service. 我们提供热情周到的服务。?

    ?Out of hours, delivery at … 下班时,送货到…… ? ?Peace of mind from the minute you buy 买着放心? ?Please ask for assistance 需帮助请询问? ?Please check your change before leaving the checkout area 请当面点清。 ?

    ?Please retain this receipt as proof of your purchase and your ? ?guarantee.请保存好收据,作为交款凭证,并享受保修。 ?

    ?Please leave bags at the counter 请把包放到柜台 ? ?Price crash 削价? ?

    Sale 50% off original price按原价的50%销售 ? ?Sale at breakdown price 跳楼价甩卖 ? ?Sale continues in store 商品继续销价 ?

    ?Save up to 50% off 50%大降价?

    ?Save up to 40% 6折优惠? ?

    Save your money 贱卖? ?

    Savings and discounts all around the store 店内所有商品均削价处理 ?

    ?Services as usual 照常营业 ?

    ?Special offer 特价 ?

    ?50% discount on selected items 部分商品五折 ? ?Summer price cuts.夏季大削价? ?Thank you for your custom. 感谢您惠顾光临? ?Try before you buy 先试后买? ?

    We will not be beaten on price 我们的价格最低。?? ?VII.Public Places 公共场所?

    ?Central heating throughout. 中央暖气全部开放? ?Children and senior citizens free 儿童与老人免费 ? ?Do not enter, alarm operating装有警报,禁止入内。? ?Do not obstruct or chain cycles to the railings 请不要把自行车靠到或锁到栏杆上。?

    ?Do not put (place) bicycles against the railings 请不要把自行车靠到栏杆上。?

    ?Do not use this lift as a means of escape in the event of fire 遇火警时,严禁使用此电 ?梯 ? ?

    Dog waste only 只存放狗的粪便 ?

    ?Fire construction points to note 注意消防设施 ? ?Fire door, keep shut 消防门房,保持关闭? ?Fire escape to be clear of obstruction. 安全出口,保持通畅 ?

    ?Fire escape, asked to be cleared off obstruction.安全出口,请保持通畅 ?



    Long-term program,quality first.


    Today’s quality,tomorrow’s market.


    To work as one,to improve the quality.


    Full participation,continuous improvement.


    Start a career with essence,win through high quality.


    Seek for greater perfection,create resplendence.


    Quality first, begin from me.



    Corporation Propaganda Slogan

    1. 顾客满意是企业永恒的追求

    Customer satisfy is the eternal pursue of corporation. 2. 安全来于警惕,事故出于麻痹

    Safety is from alert, and accident is from paralysis. 3. 责任是质量的保证、质量是企业的生命

    Responsibility is the assurence of quality, and quailty is the life of corporation.

    4. 有品质才有市场、有改善才有进步

    Only quality posesses market, and improvement gets progress. 5. 细节决定成败、勤奋成就人生。

    Details determine success or failure, and diligance creats life. 6. 事故是最大的浪费、安全是最大的节约

    Accident is largest waste, and safe is the greatest saving. 7. 保护环境是责任、爱护环境是美德

    Environment potection is our responsibility, and environment cherish is our virtue.

    8. 生产绿色产品、节约地球资源

    output green products, and save our earth resources. 9.以质量求生存、以信誉求发展、以管理求效益

    Survive by quality, development by credit, and effciency by management. 10.不要小看自己,人有无限可能。

    Every individual is unique with infinite potential. 11.你的自觉贡献,才有公司的辉煌。

    Your dedication contributes to the company’s prosperity. 12.每天进一步,踏上成功路。

    A step forward everyday leads to success. 13.和传统昨天告别,向规范未来迈进

    Depart from the past and progress into the future.


    Attention to every detail and efficiency in each hour are the key to a great working day.

    15.用心做事才能把事情做好,认真做事才能把事情做对 Determination and dedication lead to success. 16.会而有议,议而有决 ,决而有行,行而有果。

    Discussion is the essential part of a meeting that concludes decisions, which shall be followed by execution.


    The one who takes on more responsibilities has more advancement opportunities. 18.卓越领导 求新进取 高效实施 使命必达

    Pre-eminent leadership innovative spirit efficient execution mission-accomplish guarantee 19.责任 协作

    responsibility co-ordination 20.扭转习惯 严把内控

    21.Stick to best practicesStrengthen corporate governance 22.服务业务一小步 业务前进一大步

    Improvement in service drives business to grow. 23.寻找和培养优秀人才是我们的使命

    Seeking and nurturing talents is our mission. 24.人才是企业成长的原动力

    Manpower is a prime driver for the growth of an organization. 25.争做中国行业优秀的留学公司

    Be the top leader in the study abroad consulting industry. 26.大干一年 大步前进 Work hard and progress fast. 27.没有执行力就没有竞争力!

    Without execution, there is no competition. 28.微笑挂在脸上,服务记在心里.

    Smiles are an expression of a spirit of service. 29.把平凡的工作持续地做好就是不平凡。

    Doing ordinary work persistently is extraordinary. 30.节约用纸保护地球

    Save paper and live a low carbon life. 31.珍惜每一滴水

    Make every drop of water count. 32.随手关灯节约能源

    Please switch off lights when leaving. 33.下班勿忘关电源 节约用电好风尚

    Please turn off power before heading home. 1、权然后知轻重,度然后知长短。

    Having weighted it we know is importance. Having considered it we know is drawback. 2、除了实验之外,没有别的办法可以识别错误。 Nothing but experiment can distinguish mistakes. 3、科学是指挥官,实践是战士。

    Science is a commander while practice is a soldier. 4、善学者尽其理,善行者究其难。

    Find out how to learn to learn well, Find out how to go to go farther. 5、传闻不如亲见,视影不如察形。

    Seeing is better than hearing and in vesting is better than seeing. 6、知之者不如行之者。 To do is better than to say. 7、实验是科学之父。

    Experiment is the father of science. 1、任何人都得承认实验是科学之父。

    Anyone has admitted an experiment is the father of science. 2、一切推理都必须从观察与实验中得来。

    All of the reasons must come from observation and experiments.


    Seeing is better than listening while practice is the best. 4、纸上得来终觉浅,绝知此事须躬行。

    One shouldn’t believe everything he close oneself rather than truths from books. 5、探索、求知、明理

    Explore truths ,seek knowledge and you'll understand reasons. 6、坐观垂钓者,徒有羡鱼情。

    Lookers-one will not experience happiness of observers. 1、耳闻不如一见,一见不如实验。 Nothing is better than experiments. 2、虚争空言,不如试之易效。

    Attempt is more effective than empty words. 3、感觉并不欺骗人,判断倒会欺骗人。

    Feeling is not always right but judging sometimes. 4、大胆探索,反复实验。

    Explore bravely and do experiments repeatedly. 5、细心观察,认真分析,科学总结。

    Careful observation seriously analysis and scientific summary. 6、凡事不经实践检验就肯定这是愚蠢。

    Without practice everything proves to be failure 7、让我们做得更好

    Let’s make things better. 8、不懈追求完美

    The relentless pursuit of perfection.


    Quality is being made instead of by checking


    The manufactur depends on reducible cost. Competitive relays on high quality


    Ability to check step by step to ensure zero fault in production


    Consist makeing inspection to avoid the products fault be caused


    Our slogan is zero fault in production


    In order to reach zero fault, QC is not single one can be omitted.


    Give a quality control records, have a founditinal quality management


    High-tech as motivation, long life alive base on best quality


    Pursuit the outstanding quality to creat well-known world brand


    Responsibibity is the core and gaurante of quality.


    Report to manager when found some problem and deal with it properly


    Careful, patient and keeping satisfact quality as always

    品质你我做得好,顾客留住不会跑 Good quality equals solid customers


    High quality creates busin

    50px" width="450px" alt="安全标语中英文对照" title="安全标语中英文对照"/>

    ess, prograss is from improvement


    Check the raw material seriously according to standard to ensure the material


    Product quantity fast, quality first

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