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    It is not long away from the Wenchuan and Haidi earthquake, I’m so sorry to hear that there was an earthquake in Yushu , Qinghai province . Some people is saved ,but some died for ever. some lost their family and some lose health. The natural disaster is cruel. From it , I think we human beings should think deeply . On the one hand, We should help the people who was in trouble in this disaster. After all, I think love can warm them. On the other hand, I think human beings should obey the rule of nature , and try our best to protect the nature such as save water, stop people from cutting the trees, etc. Or finally we have to repay for what we have done.



    ????μ??eμ?ó¢ó?×÷?? An earthquake is a shaking of the ground caused by the sudden breaking and shifting of large sections of Earth's rocky outer shell.

    Earthquakes are among the most powerful events on earth, and their results can be terrifying. A severe earthquake may release energy 10,000 times as great as that of the first atomic bomb. Rock movements during an earthquake can make rivers change their course. Earthquakes can trigger landslides that cause great damage and loss of life. Large earthquakes beneath the ocean can create a series of huge, destructive waves called tsunamis that flood coasts for many miles.

    ????Earthquakes almost never kill people directly. Instead, many deaths and injuries in earthquakes result from falling objects and the collapse of buildings, bridges, and other structures. Fire resulting from broken gas or power lines is another major danger during a quake. Spills of hazardous chemicals are also a concern during an earthquake.

    ????The force of an earthquake depends on how much rock breaks and how far it shifts. Powerful earthquakes can shake firm ground violently for great distances. During minor earthquakes, the vibration may be no greater than the vibration caused by a passing truck.

    ????On average, a powerful earthquake occurs less than once every two years. At least 40 moderate earthquakes cause damage somewhere in the world each year. About 40,000 to 50,000 small earthquakes--large enough to be felt but not damaging--occur annually.



    Strong earthquake hits China

    A powerful earthquake measuring 7.8 has hit China's southern province of Sichuan, shaking buildings as far away as Beijing, Shanghai and Bangkok.

    It was not immediately clear if there were any casualties or damage from the tremor which the the US Geological Survey (UGS) earlier put at 7.8.

    The epicentre of the quake was 93 kilometres north of Chengdu.

    Wenchuan, which took full force of the quake, has a population of 111,000 people.It is in an ethnic Tibetan area in Aba county which recently saw violent clashes between Tibetans and Chinese authorities.

    According to some reports there was a second earthquake measuring 3.9 which hit the Beijing district of Tongzhou at roughly the same time.

    Telephone lines in the affected area are jammed and there are still no reports of casualties.

    Reports from Thailand say high buildings in Bangkok continued to shake several minutes after the tremors began.

    We felt continuous shaking for about two or three minutes. All the people in our office are rushing downstairs. We're still feeling slight tremblings, said an office worker in Chengdu.

    China's tallest building, the Jinmao Tower, and other highrise buildings in Shanghai's financial district were evacuated after tremors were first felt.

    People were shouting 'get out, get out', so we all ran out of our dorm, said a student surnamed Zhang at a university in nearby Chongqing.

    A spokesman for the China Earthquake Administration said it was still checking the epicentre and scale of the tremor.英语作文 China Wenchuan earthquake Like many people in the UK, the team at BBC Learning English have been shocked and saddened by news of the earthquake in Sichuan province. We would like to extend our condolences to those affected by this terri(出自 在点网:高一地震英语作文)ble natural disaster. Below is a special report on the earthquake and the rescue operations taking place.

    和在英国的很多人一样,BBC 英语教学组的全体成员对五月十二号发生在四川省的地震消息感到震惊和悲痛。在这里我们对受害者表示最深切的哀悼,向那些受地震影响的人们深表同情。下面是对这次地震和地震营救行动的一篇特别报道。




    Everyone has some unforgettable experiences.

    Last Monday, there was a serious earthquake in Sichuan Province. Many people were killed. A large number of houses collapsed. I was shocked. When I see theses pictures on TV, my eyes were filled with tears. I wanted to do something for people in the disaster areas.

    Two days later, in front of the library of our school, almost all of the teachers and students came to donate money. I was moved. I thought although I couldn’t go to Sichuan like the soldiers and the doctors, I still wanted to try my best to help them. I took out all my pocket money and threw it into the donation box.

    I hope they can rebuild their homeland early. It will be an unforgettable experience in my life. It makes me experience that if everyone makes a contribution for our country, we can overcome any difficulties.



    1 如何理解众人拾柴火焰高 2 举例说明

    All Contributing to it, the flame is high

    “All Contributing to it, the flame is high” is an old proverb which almost everyone knows, but not all understand it so well. Actually, it means that there is strength in numbers. Put it simply, individual’s power and ability is too weak to perform a huge task. However, just as a number of streams converge into a vast ocean, so a team’s strength may be great enough to remove a mountain.

    The saying also carries the message that cooperation and coordination are necessary, particularly in the modern society. To be sure, everybody has his own disadvantage and limited wisdom. Combining efforts can overcome this and make it possible to realize one’s own greatest potential. It is therefore that efficiency and capacity are enhanced in this manner. Thus,something can be achieved which seems otherwise impossible.

    The most notable example is Boeing plane production. A plane is composed of 10,000 parts. But almost every part is produced by different country, then assembled by American. This is impossible without coordination.

    Indeed, where there is a unity, where there is victory.



    2. 捐款金额不限,物资主要需要衣服、棉被、手电等;

    3. 活动、时间地点

    4. 所捐钱款和物资将会上交给中国红十字基金会(Chinese Red Cross Foundation)

    Dear all students,

    In order to support earthquake-stricken areas in Sichuan, Student Union intends to organize a Donation Program and expects donation from all of you.

    You can donate money or materials. If you would like to donate money, please put your money into the donation box at the entrance to Teaching Building One. Two volunteer students are available there to offer help if necessary. If you would like to donate clothes, quilts or others,

    please bring them to our stand in front of the college canteen.

    The Donation program will be held between 11:00 and 14:00, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

    All the donated money and materials will be collected in order and submitted to Chinese Red Cross Foundation as soon as possible.

    On behalf of Student Union, we formally call on all students to make contribution and help people in earthquake areas rebuild their home and restore their normal life.

    Student Union




    Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a letter to children in earthquake-stricken areas. You should write at least 120 words according to the outline given below in Chinese:

    1. 表示慰问和关心:如身体状况,家庭状况

    2. 表示鼓励:如努力学习,好好生活

    3. 举1-2个例子说明只要克服困难,一定能成功。

    Dear children,

    We are so shocked and sad to know about the earthquake which struck your hometown on May12. Though it took place one month ago, you may still be living under its shadow. We are sincerely wondering whether it is fine with you and your family. 谷雨单词王

    Ruthless as the disaster is, people from all over the country show great concern for you. A large number of PLA came to rescue you, your family and friends; countless doctors and nurses came to offer first aid; and numerous volunteers came to offer their hands. For all the above help, please try your best to come out of any possible depression and work hard academically.

    In fact, many famous people achieved success after great defeat or personal disaster. For example, Beethoven is totally deaf but he composes quite a lot of famous pieces; another example is Zhanghaidi, who is disabled but wrote her own book and inspired a generation of Chinese people. So, as long as you overcome your current difficulties, you are sure to succeed in future.


    你的同学liming的父母得知你家房屋在地震中倒塌,写信邀请你暑假随同liming 回家。你写一封回信1表示感谢2告知你的打算

    Dear Aunt,

    I would like to thank you very much for your cordially invitation that I go together with Liming back to you home during the summer vacation. And it is very kind of you to have such consideration for my situation at the terrible period of my life. But I am afraid that I will not go to stay with you.

    It is true that my house collapsed during the earthquake. I have no place to live for the time being. But at the thought of thousands of homeless people, I am determined to make use of my vacation to be a volunteer in the distressed area. I hope I can comfort those who are more

    unfortunate than me, or I can temporarily teach primary school students, even I can use my body and strength to be a construction worker. Anyway, I will go there to see if I can be of assistance in whatever way.

    Please excuse me for not accepting your invitation.

    Thank you again




    Dear friends

    I'm sorry to hear that an earthquake happened to your hometom.The earthquake destroyed you hometome.Lots of houses fell down and some of you can't see your families any more.

    Please don't feel should believe in the Party,the government and the people in the country.Your heart should be full of wishes because the Party,the government and the people are with you all the time,and they take care of you.They try their best to solve your troubles.They give away their money and many things for you,and they donate bloodfor you.

    So you should take cre of yourselves.In the future,you should do something useful for our country to answer for their loves.



    May 12th is an ordinary day in 2008,it is in this day that shocking earthquake happened in Sichuan province,China.The earthquake destroyed nearly everything in Wenchan county Sichuan province. It was terrible.We can't describle the scene what we saw with any words.thousands of people were injured even died. And thousands of children became such unlucky ones who lost fathers or mothers , they longed to have families to continue their lives .I am sympathetic to their fate ! But I believed that we can fight against the fate and change it .For example ,there many people keeping living without food or water for about 100 hours during the earthquake!

    What an unbelievable thing it is !their great spirits showed the powerful life vitality of humans!However,they must keep fighting against the death .Many schools were destroyed and there were many students and teachers who left us forever.Sadness,hoplessness and different kinds of danger spreaded out here and there !

    But ,fortunately ,love is around us :the Communist party helps us ,the army helps us ,the people all over the world help us .They offer us with money ,goods ,love and so on !For example ,li lian ji, a warm-hearted man ,offered us with 20 million yuan !

    With the help of the such a large love ,we will over come the damage of the earthquake and


    一位死去多时的女老师趴在瓦砾里,头朝着门的方向,双手紧紧地各拉着一个年幼的孩子,胸前还护着三个幼小的生命。“看得出她是要把这些孩子们带出即将倒塌的教学楼,她用自己的肩背为孩子们挡住了坠落的横梁。”参与搜救的解放军战士说。这是5月14日,解放军在绵阳市平武县南坝小学废墟下发现的情形。这个老师叫杜正香,她是一名代课老师,她永远48岁。 A dead time of the female teacher on the rubble, in the direction of the head toward the door, his hands tightly each took a young children, with the chest also three little life. \"Could see that she was going to take the children out of the collapsed building, she use her shoulder stopped falling beams for the children.\" Participate in the rescue of the people's liberation army soldiers said. This is May 14, the people's liberation army found in the rubble of nanba bureau of pingwu county, mianyang city elementary school. The teacher Du Zhengxiang, she is a substitute teacher, she always 48.

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