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  • 您的位置:在点网 > 作文 > 体裁作文 > 写信作文 > 给旅行社写信的英语作文 正文 2017-05-06




    一 申请信



    I am writing in the hope that I may obtain an opportunity to do ….


    Please send catalog and application forms to me .I shall be greatly appreciated.

    3、如果贵方能给我寄来提供给外国留学生的关于研究生学习设施和奖学金适宜的详细目录,本人十分感激。 civil engineering which University of Lancaster may be offering to students from overseas

    4、我写信给贵方希望能获得历史系奖学金来支持我的学习和研究 research work.

    5、贵校历史悠久,止血研究,享有世界声望,如果有幸能够成为贵校的学生,我将感到无比的荣幸 fine tradition of scholarship, enjoys a worldwide fame.


    any further information concerning my education and work experience.


    Dear Sir,

    I have applied to enter your esteemed university to follow a course of study. However, although I find the academic curriculum suitable, I feel that the opportunities for leisure activities are also an important part of student life. Therefore, I would be grateful if you could give me some information about this aspect of the campus.

    In my spare time, I indulge in a wide range of sports; I am also interested in music, especially playing the guitar. Specifically, I wish to know if there are any sports clubs, including soccer and tennis teams run by students. Furthermore, I would be keen to join a student band or orchestra, if there is one.

    Please write and let me know what university clubs I am eligible to join. By the way, what is the procedure for joining campus clubs, what qualifications do I need, and what are the fees for taking part in their activities?

    I look forward to your reply.

    Yours sincerely,

    Wang Liping








    二 慰问信


    1、我们俩希望/祈祷你能很快地完全康复 2、你的诸位好友真心希望你早日康复 3、真心希望能减轻你的痛苦 4、我们非常遗憾的熟悉

    We are very sorry to learn of …

    5、我刚刚得知上个星期你的病了 you’ve been on the sickness last week


    I was deeply concerned when I learned that……


    I wish you a complete speedy recovery.


    Please extend our deep sympathy to your family.


    I just wanted to let you know how concerned we are


    If there is anything I can do to help you, please let me know.


    Dear Jason,

    The news of your accident just reached me this morning. I’m greatly shocked to learn that you were knocked down by a car yesterday. How are you feeling today?

    The only good thing about it is that your mother told me that you are progressing nicely, I hope that you are doing well after the operation, and that you’ll be out of the hospital in about a week. I’m coming to se you on Sunday and trust that your condition will remarkably improve by then.

    A little package from Rose and me will reach you a day or two. We hope the small thing will interest you.

    With every good wishes for your swift recovery!

    Yours sincerely,

    Wang Liping








    Dear Williams,

    I am shocked to hear that you have a severe influenza and now are in hospital. I get this news from your mother and I know you must be absent for half a month from the classes. Do be careful while you are ill.

    Don’t worry about your lesson and I am willing to help you learn it when you return. We are best friends so I will never allow you to fall behind.

    You can watch television or listen to radio programs to help pass the time and forget your pains while you recuperate. I do hope that I can see you soon and bring you dome funny cartoons.

    If there is anything you need me to do, just let me know. We all miss you and shall be happy when you are back.

    Yours truly,




    不要担心你的教训,我愿意帮助你学习它,当你返回。我们是最好的朋友,我永远不会让你落后。 你可以看电视或听广播节目来打发时间,忘记你的痛苦当你恢复。我希望我可以很快见到你,给你带来圆顶有趣的漫画。




    三 道歉信/拒绝信



    I must apologize to you for……


    I am terribly/awfully sorry that…..


    It is thoughtless /inconsiderate of me to do


    I am afraid what I have done has caused many inconveniences to you.


    I regret to inform you that I am unable to do…..


    Please accept my sincere and humble apology to you for….


    I sincerely hope that you will kindly accept my apologies.

    8对与贵公司不得不忍受这次延误,我们十分遗憾 9真心希望这不会给你造成太多不便。

    I hope that this does not cause to your too much inconvenience.


    Dear Zheng,

    I am very sorry that I was out when you came to see me yesterday afternoon. The fact is that an engagement with some friends and, ignorant of your visit, accompanied them to the cinema. Not until nine o’clock in the evening did I come back .You must have been disappointed by my absence.

    I hope you will not leave the city this week, I will take you to some places that may interest you. Please wait for me in your hotel at the appointed time.

    Yours lovely,







    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your letter of 26 January. We are very sorry to hear about the difficulties you are having with your new P60 printing press.

    When our engineers installed the machine last month, they satisfied themselves that it was functioning perfectly. They did, however, have some reservation about the ability of your operatives to carry out routine preventive maintenance.

    We believe it is essential that one of our engineer come to your factory for a period of two weeks for the purpose of:

    I . putting the press into perfect working order,

    II. training at least two of your operatives in routine preventive maintenance

    We hope you will agree to our proposal. There will be no charge the press is still under guarantee. We apologize for any inconvenience you have had.

    Sincerely yours,











    四 求职信



    I am writing to express my interest in your recently advertised position for a part-time assistant. 2这个职位将为我的学习和进步提供良机,他对我十分重要

    This position would provide an avenue for learning and advancement, which is important to me. 3我对于这个职位可能提供的学习和创造性挑战十分感兴趣

    I find the possibilities for learning and productive challenge in this position extremely attractive. 4对于贵方广告招聘网络工程师一职,本人十分有兴趣,特地呈上申请

    a Network Engineer, 5我看到贵公司于6月26日在。。。。。上所登的招聘秘书的广告,如果您能考虑本人对此工作的申请,我将不胜感激。

    I have read your advertisement in …..of June 26 for a secretary, and should be grateful if you consider me favorably as a candidate for the position.


    I am keen to apply for a job vacancy with your company.


    I shall be pleased to furnish you with any further information concerning my education and work experience.


    I have a fair mastery of …../have a good command of ……


    I am available for an interview any moment. Please contact me a …../I can be reached at…… 10 如果您有任何职位空缺,请在您方便时给我一次面试的机会。感谢您的时间和考虑

    If you have any position available, please grant me a job interview at your convenience. Thank you for your time and consideration.


    I hope you would take my application into account favorably and entitle me to an interview. 12随信附上我的简历。

    I have enclosed my resume with this letter.


    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Do you have any work in your Accounting Department for a part-time employee? Miss Wang, of the University Placement Office, gas suggested that I write to you, since I would like to work for your company after I finish my courses at the University. I’ve heard so much about your company, and I believe it offers a good chance to a man interested in construction work and trained in business.

    I’m enclosing a resume that gives details of my life so far. My father died when I was twelve years old, and I’ve been on my own since fourteen. I’m finishing college plenty late but I’ve had some experience along the way, with four years in the military.



    Dear Brown,

    It is my pleasure to recommend Li Ming, my good friend, for his application to work in your company. Li Ming graduated from Beijing Industry University. His major is Computer Software. During the four years'study he has done a good job. Every year he got the first grade scholarship. And he also has got the title of the Excellent Graduate.

    He is an enthusiastic and progressive young man with high potentiality. He is not only quick at learning but also good at solving difficult problems with logical mind. I am sure that it will benefit your company if he can work for your company. I strongly recommend him to your company.

    Yours,Wang Lin






    Dear Brown,

    I am very glad to recommend Li Ming, my good friend, for a job in your company. He is a graduate from Beijing Industry University.His major is Computer Software. In the past four years he has got the first grade scholarship for four times. And this year he got the title of the Excellent Graduate.

    He not only studies well but also has great capacity. He is good at solving difficult problems with logical mind. I think that he has great potentialities. If he can join the company, he will be able to give full play to his talent. And your company will also be greatly benefited. I strongly recommend Li Ming to your company.









    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I have learned from an advertisement that your company is in need of a secretary. I would like you to consider me for the position.My name is Li Min. I am twenty-three years old. I am studying business management in Xiamen University. I will graduate this summer. I am familiar with computer operation and office softwares, which can help me do the office work very well. And I have learned English for ten years.In the past two years, I have been an editor for the English Paper of my department. My grades come out top in my department. What's more, I like office work very much and I also think that I can be competent for the job.If I could have the opportunity to get the job I will be quite appreciative.

    Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours faithfully

    Li Min







    Dear Sir or Madam,

    In an advertisement I know that your company is in need of a secretary. I would like to apply for the job.

    I am a student of business management in Xiamen University. My name is Li Min. I am twenty-three years old and will graduate this summer.I am able to operate computer skillfully. I think this is very important for office work. I have learned English for ten years. I am very good at English, so I have been an editor of my department's English Paper in the past two years. My grades are among the best ones in my department. Besides,I like office work very much and I can be competent in it. I will be quite appreciative if I am offered the opportunity.

    Thank you for your consideration. I wish to get your answer soon.

    Yours faithfully

    Li Min








    Dear Mr. John,

    How are things going with you in Beijing?

    I am writing to show my thanks to you. You tutored me in my spoken English before you went to Beijing. With your help I made such rapid progress that I won the first place in the Spoken English Competition of the city. My achievement is owed to your help. Thank you very much.

    I have heard that you and your wife will pay a visit to my school. I am very glad at the news. In that case we can see each other again. I am looking forward to your coming. I am sending you a telescope as a small gift. I hope you will like it.

    All the best.


    Liu Jie








    Dear Mr. John,

    How are you getting on in Beijing?I am writing to tell you a piece of good news. I am the champion of the Spoken English Competition held in the city. The success is owed to your help. Before you went to Beijing you spent much time

    on my spoken English so that I made great progress in it. As a result I got the first place in the competition. Thanks a lot.I heard that you and your wife would visit my school. I am very happy and expect to see you soon. I am sending you a telescope as a small gift. I hope you will like it.

    Best wishes.


    Liu Jie









    Dear Editor,

    I'm writing to tell you about the discussion on whether an entrance fee should be charged for parks. Opinions vary from person to person on this issue.

    50% of the students disagree with the idea of entrance fees. In their opinion, parks are public places where all the people can have a rest and enjoy themselves. So if an entrance fee is charged, some people will surely be kept away from the park. Besides, in order to charge entrance fees,gates and walls must be built. They think that it will do harm to the appearance of a city.

    40% of the students agree with the idea of entrance fees, because the gardeners need to be paid and new plants and flowers need to be bought.But fees should be charged reasonably.

    Yours truly,








    Dear Editor,

    I'm writing to tell you about the discussion on whether an entrance fee should be charged for parks.

    Opinions vary from person to person on this issue. 60% of the students oppose the idea of entrance fees. They believe everyone can go to parks for rest and fun because parks are public places. But an entrance fee may keep some people/tway from the park. Besides, in order to charge entrance fees,it is necessary to build gates and walls, which will do harm to the appearance of a city.

    40% of the students approve of the idea of entrance fees, because money is needed to pay the gardeners and to buy new plants and flowers.But fees should be charged reasonably.

    Yours truly,









    Dear Headmaster,

    As the minister of students' life in the Student Union, I am writing to you to reflect something about our canteen. To our satisfaction, the canteen supplies us with various kinds of food.This gives us many choices. At the same time the price for the food is low and the food is tasty. And the surroundings for having a meal have been improved. The canteen has become clean. And when we are eating, we can watch TV.

    But something unsatisfactory exists, too. For example, the quantity of a helping is less than it should be. This is unfair. And in the canteen, the seats are not enough. Some students have to stand while eating. We hope that the school will consider addingmore seats for us.

    Finally we hope that they can improve the quality of the food and their service. We will be very happy if our advice is taken.

    Yours respectfully,










    Dear Mr. Taylor,

    I am a student from X X Middle School. We met some difficulty. Our teacher, Ms Wang, told us that we could write to you for help.

    Here is the problem. The English Club of our school will hold Drama Night on October 20th. We want to take part in it very much. But we have some difficulty in choosing the play, because we can only spend about forty minutes in acting the play and the play should not be too difficult and should be related to the school life. We know little about British drama, so it is too difficult for us to choose the play. You are an expert in British drama, so could you choose one for us please?

    We are eager to get your early answer. We will appreciate any of your help.

    Yours sincerely,

    Li Hua







    假如你是 Tom ,是某中学的在校学生,你给市长写封信,反映学校周围的环境问题。

    1. 学校周围存在一个市场,噪音、空气污染严重;

    2. 小商贩( peddler )经常出入学校,影响学生上课;

    3. 受市场影响,部分学生弃学从商;

    4. 要求搬迁市场。


    1. 词数: 100 左右;

    2. 论点明确,论证合乎逻辑。


    1. 噪音空气污染严重:

    noise and air pollution are serious

    2. 商贩出入学校:

    peddler often go in and out of school

    3. 部分学生弃学从商:

    give up schooling and to be in-business

    4. 要求市场搬迁:

    ask the market to be moved




    Mr Mayor,

    We strongly ask the market near our school to be moved. It lies in three reasons.

    First, some noise and air pollution make us unable to fix our attention on study.

    Second, so many peddlers often go in and out of our school freely that we can't listen to our lessons clearly which is likely to be dangerous to us.

    At last, I'll say that some of the students begin to give up schooling and to be in-business, affected by the market. We are looking forward to your answer.




    To Dick

    Dear Dick,

    How time flies! I'm very glad to hear from you again. You want to know what is going on in schools in China. In a word, everything has changed. Every school takes part in the campaign of reducing learning load. In the past, I used to study until 11,30 at weekends. But now I can arrange things' on my own, such as reading books, visiting museums, or taking computer lessons in my weekend days. In the evenihg I can watch news on TV, orread newspapers. What's more, my parents support me. They said although I was a student, I didn't have to work all day long. I think the idea of reducing learning load is well accepted by everyone.

    Best wishes.


    Li Hua





    篇三:英语作文 求助信

    How to Write a Letter of Request

    Task 1: 下面是2011课标卷高考作文,请阅读范文,并找出求助信件的框架结构(通常为三部分):假定你是李华,正在一所英国学校学习暑期课程,遇到一些困难,希望得到学校辅导中心(Learning Center)的帮助。根据学校规定,你需书面预约,请按下列要点写一封信:

    1.本人简历2.求助内容 3. 约定时间 4.你的联系方式(;Phone:12345678) 注意:1. 词数100左右。 2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。 3. 结束语已为你写好。

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I’m Li Hua, a Chinese student taking summer courses in your university. I’m writing to ask for help. I came here last month and I find my courses interesting. But I have some difficulties with note-making and I have no idea of how to use the library. I was told the Learning Center provides help for students and I’m anxious to get help from you. I have no class on Tuesday mornings and Friday afternoons. Please let me know which day is ok with you. You may email or phone me. Here are my email address and phone; 12345678. Thanks for your kindness in advance.

    Look forward to your reply.



    Common structure of a request letter:

    1. Opening: Introduce yourself & _______________ politely.

    2. Body: Describe your _________ & _____________ again. Make some specific requirements if necessary.

    3. End: Give ___________ to the person who will help you.

    Useful expressions for writing a request letter:

    A. Useful expressions for an opening:


    (a). ________________________________________________________________________________. (b). ________________________________________________________________________________. More expressions:

    B. Useful expressions for describing your problems:


    (a) _______________________________________________________________________________. (b) _______________________________________________________________________________. More expressions:


    (a) ______________________________________, interpersonal relationship is still a headache for me. (b) ______________________________________, interpersonal relationship is still an obstacle for me to


    C. Useful expressions for feelings, request & appreciation:

    (1) Having failed for so many times, I ________________________________________.( 描述情绪)

    (2) 请求帮助,表示谢意。(用至少两种方式表达)

    (a)________________________________________________________________________________. (b)_________________________________________________________________________________. More expressions:

    Task 2 结合所学句型、根据提示、适当拓展,撰写下面的求助信:

    (2011山东卷) 假设你是李华,你的美国朋友Tom上个月来到北京学习。七月份你将去北京参加暑期中学生英语演讲比赛(speech contest),你在资料搜集、语言运用等方面遇到了困难。请根据以下要点给Tom写一封电子邮件:

    a.询问Tom的生活和学习情况;b.谈谈你的困难并请Tom帮忙; c.告诉Tom你打算赛后去看他。 注意:a.词数:100左右; b.可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

    Dear Tom,

    It’s a month since you studied in Beijing. ①(问候) __________________________________?

    I am going to Beijing to take part in an English speech contest for middle school students in July this summer. ②(我要认真准备)_____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________. However, ③(搜集资料困难)_____________________________________________________________. Meanwhile,④(语言运用困难) _________________________________________________________________________.⑤(求助并感谢)_____________________________________________________________. I also hope that the great effort I am making will pay off.

    I hope to see you in Beijing after the English contest.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Li Hua

    Task 3下面是一位同学的习作,根据所学内容,找出文章中4个需要改进的句子: 假如你叫李华,在光明中学读书,在高中学习英语的过程中遇到一些问题,想得到老师的帮助,并想给班级的英语老师提一些建议,以帮助自己学好英语。下面表格中只给了简单的提示,请你结合自己的实际情况给英语老师写一封求助信,内容如下:

    Dear teacher,

    My name is Li Hua. I wanna you to help me. I have met many difficulties in learning English. First, I find our texts full of new words that are very difficult for me to remember. Besides, the texts are too long for me to recite. What’s more, grammar is also very difficult to learn.

    Faced with so many difficulties, I have to ask you for some help. You should introduce us some good ways to learn new words so that we can remember them more easily. In the meanwhile, I beg you to teach the text more slowly so that the average students like me can easily follow you. Also, I would like you to introduce some rules and good ways of learning grammar. I’m sure that I can make great progress in my English study if you can answer my question and follow my advice.





    感谢信 (A Letter of Thanks)

    1. Thank you so much for …….

    2. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for……

    3. I’m writing to express my sincere gratitude for……

    4. I’m grateful to you for ……

    5. I truly appreciate your ……

    6. Words fail to convey my gratitude to you.

    道歉信(A Letter of Apology)

    1. I would like to express my apology for……

    2. Excuse me for……

    3. Please accept my sincerest and deepest apology for……

    4. I’m terribly sorry to tell you that……

    5. Will you be good enough to excuse me for……

    6. I am writing to apologize to you for ……

    7. Would you mind if I change the appointment time.(你是否介意如果我更改约会时间)

    8. To make up my thoughtless behavior, I……(我想……以弥补……)

    9. I wish I could be given a chance to make up for my inconsideration.

    询问信(A Letter of Inquiry)

    1. I am writing to see if it is possible for you to provide me with information concerning……( 我写信是希望得到……的信息)

    2. I am writing to you in the hope that I may obtain some materials about……

    3. I would be grateful if you inform me ……

    4. I should be obliged if you would be so kind as to provide me with certain essential information regarding the following aspects. (若能获悉……,将不胜感激)

    5. I am writing to seek for your assistance in……( 我写信是要请求您的帮助)

    6. I would appreciate it if you could provide us with ……

    ( 如果您能为我们提供……,我将不胜感激)

    7. The questions I need answering are listed below. (下列是我想咨询的问题)

    8. Will you please send me the relevant information and application forms


    9. Should I need to send further materials, please let me know.


    10. Could you be so kind as to send me some relevant booklets on the above-mentioned aspects.(能否针对上述的问题寄些相关的小册子给我。)

    11. I am eagerly awaiting your reply to this matter.

    12. Your prompt and favorable attention to my inquiry would be highly appreciated

    13. I would like to thank you for your generous help in this matter.


    14. I am looking forward to a favourable reply at your earliest convenience(期盼回复) 投诉信(A Letter of Complaint)

    1. Much to my regret,I am writing to make a complaint about/against……

    2. I am completely disappointed /upset to find……

    3. I am writing to inform you of my unhappy experience

    4. I would like to draw your attention to……(我希望你们能注意……)

    5. I would very much appreciate it if you would……(如能……,我将不胜感激)

    6. I should be very obliged if you would look into this matter as soon as possible.


    7. To improve the situation/ solve the above problem ,it is advisable for you to take the following measures:……(为了解决以上问题,建议您采取以下措施)

    8. I am looking forward to an early reply.

    9. I would like to see a prompt settlement of the issue. ( 期待此事的尽快解决)

    10. We will appreciate your willingness to make up for the loss.


    建议信(A Letter of Suggestion)

    1. I am writing to express my views concerning……

    2. You have asked me for my advice about……,and I will try to make some conducive suggestions.(对于你来信问我关于……的事,现提供几条建议)

    3. I would like to suggest that ……

    4. I am writing to put up some suggestions concerning……

    5. It’s my great honor to recommend ……,a worthy candidate for…….


    6. Please take good consideration of my advice.Thanks.


    7. Thank you for your attention.(就你对此事的关注不胜感激)

    邀请信 (A Letter of Invitation)

    1. I am writing on behalf of all the students of our department to invite you to give a lecture on ……(我代表我系全体学生邀请您为我们就……进行讲座)

    2. I am writing on behalf of all the members of our club to extend to you our formal invitation to visit ……

    3. We would be very grateful if you could give a talk on……

    4. The honor of your presence is requested...


    5. It's a pleasure for me to invite you to... ( 我很荣幸地邀请你参加……)。

    6. Please kindly confirm that you will be able to attend the meeting by advising us of

    your time and we can arrange for you to be met.

    7. I will cover all the expense involved. (我将负担所有的费用。)

    拒绝信(A Letter of refusal)

    1. many thanks for your letter dated 10th October ,inviting me to …….I am sorry to tell you that I shall not ……because……

    2. I am terribly sorry to say that I am unable to ……

    3. Thank you for inviting me to the meeting,I 'd like to go very much,but it is pity that I am so busy with my work for the moment and I cannot go.

    4. I am much touched by your kind invitation but I do not see any chance of my being able to be there in the near future.

    5. Thank you for your interest to pursue a career with our company.We were impressed that you chose our company to enhance your career potential.While we were convinced that you could make a contribution to our company, we have not identified a suitable position that fits your experience and qualifications. Your application will be retained for our future consideration.

    申请信( A Letter of Application)

    1. I am writing to you this letter to show my keen interest in the post of ……which you advertised in Yesterday’s China Daily.(我写信想表达我对你们在昨日中国日报上刊登广告中所说职位的浓厚兴趣)

    2. In reply to your advertisement in……,I beg to apply for the post of……in your company.

    3. I would like to apply for the position of…… (我想申请……)

    4. I would like to apply for the scholarship(奖学金) that your school may be offering.\the membership of your club(会员资格)

    5. I am very glad to avail myself of the chance to recommend myself to name is …….I’m studying in……,majoring in……(非常荣幸利用这个机会向你推荐我自己)

    6. I graduated from……university in ……,majoring in……

    7. I am confident my professional knowledge has prepared me to handle the job.


    8. The kind of work in which your company is engaged particularly interested me.


    9. It seems to me that this experience,together with my education,has given me ideal preparation to assume the role of ……in a firm such as yours.


    10. Would you please send me the necessary application form and any further details about……

    11. I am available for an interview at any time. (随时恭候面试)

    12. I request an interview,and assure you that if appointed,I will do my best to give you



    13. Should this application meet with your favorable consideration,I will do my utmost to justify the confidence you repose in me.



    1. Thank you for your letter of November 29,telling me that……

    2. It’s good to hear from you and know that……

    3. Thank you for the information about……

    4. I’m sorry that it has taken me so long to reply\in answering……

    5. I’m very delighted to receive your letter dated November 29,but sorry to hear ……

    6. Thanks very much for your kind invitation. I feel quite honored that someone noticed me. I'd be delighted to accept the invitation.


    June 18th, 2009 Dear Sir or Madam,

    I'm a Chinese student who will graduate from college in the coming July and wishes to study for in your university. my plan is to start my course next term and I would be grateful if you would be kind enough to provide me with the information below.

    First, what are the qualifications needed for studying as a postgraduate student in your university? I'm going to take bachelor's degree from Beijing University, but I wonder if they're any further academic requirements.Do I need to take the GRE test? Second, how much are the tuition fees? Although I intend to be self-supporting, I wonder if there are any scholarships available for the international students .Third, what about the accommodation? I would prefer a single room, which is more conducive to studying .But if single rooms are expensive, I would be willing to share.,

    I'm looking forward to your early reply, and to attending your prestigious institution.

    Sincerely yours,

    Li Ming




    dear tour manager:


    first please allow me to extend my sincere greetings and best wishes, thank you for taking the time to read my cover letter and wish your organization business thriving, flourishing!

    i am a tourism management, jiangxi institute of education in school sophomore, recently informed of your travel agency is

    recruiting guides, i hope to have the opportunity to travel to your work. in school, i study hard and expertise, and its invested enormous enthusiasm and energy, and after careful study and textbook knowledge, i have actively participated in the training practice, and have achieved certain results, and i in xx through a national tour qualification examinations and obtain the certificate in xx, took part in the may-june tour of jiangxi education with the mission of training and practice, accumulated some work experience in the spare time i read the back carefully attractions guide words, i learned there skills, knowledge and grasp of the relevant industry

    information, and for speech training, exercise his eloquence, there is a strong practitioner with knowledge and skills. im good at storytelling, character, cheerful living waves, like with people, able to handle all types of emergencies, in two practical activities have been recognized by tourists. i usually like sports, and physical well to hard-working, for me, the guide is a challenging, interesting work, i have it full of enthusiasm!

    i look forward to learning has been used, eager to practice their knowledge can be the test, but looking forward to eich my

    experience and life experience. i believe i will do in this wonderful work. expect you to give me a stage to show their!





    非常感谢您在百忙之中抽出时间来垂阅我的求职材料。 我叫xxx;现读于xx学校,主修旅游导游。



















    无论英文求职信还是中文求职信,都有其正规的写法.任何国内, 外大公司,

    大企业都喜欢看到正规严肃的求职信, 代表你尊重对方.一份正规的英文求职信, 其目的也在于获得面谈的机会.


    格式与态度: 写英文求职信时,开头写每段第一句话时, 要顶格写, 一定不要 空两格. 这点很重要, 请你注意; 不要用开玩笑的口吻与对方套近乎, 要严肃, 认真地写.这能使对方感觉你很重视这件事情; 简短介绍自己的专业与才能. 重 点写清楚你的能力可以满足对方公司的需要.

    各人资料: 写英文求职信时,写信人应述明自己的年龄或出生年月,教育背景,尤 其是和应征的职位有关的训练或教育科目、工作经验或特殊的技能;如无实际经 验,告知对方你正在学习经验!


    篇幅不易过长, 简短为好;态度诚恳, 不需华丽词汇; 让对方感觉亲切, 自信, 实在即可;不要误看其他错误的写作方法, 以免耽误了你的求职机会.

    纸张的选用: 建议你用灰色,黄褐色或米色纸作最终打印信纸. 要配合信封的颜 色.



    语法: 准确无误的语法,标点拼写使读信人感到舒畅.错误的语法或拼写则十分明 显,一望即知.且不可把收信人的姓名或公司地址拼错了.


    elaine jennifer mcdowell

    2423 blue avenue n.e.

    blue sky, oh 00000

    may 16, 2004

    ms. elizabeth trivitts

    vice president, marketing

    able insurance, inc.

    4388 golden hollow road, suite 320

    capitol city, oh 88888

    dear ms. trivitts,

    i will be moving to capitol city upon receiving my bachelors degree in business administration from duke university this june. a friend of mine, polly norton, advised me to contact you. she met you at the last meeting of the womens network from my attached resume. i understand you need people who are both accurate and my work.

    i know able insurance is a leading player in regional insurance. i excelled in my

    coursework in insurance matters at duke, and my thesis project centered on the from you soon. you may contact me by calling (000) 555-1058.

    sincerely yours,

    elaine jennifer mcdowell








    1. i’d like to apply for the job / post / position advertised in…

    2. having known that your office needs a …, i ‘m writing to apply for the position.

    3. i learned from your advertisement that you are in need of a …


    1. i shall be much obliged if you will offer me an opportunity for an interview.

    2. please consider my request and i’m looking forward to your early reply.

    3. i would greatly appreciate it if i could have the chance.


    dear sir / madam,

    i’m writing the letter to apply for the position that you have advertised in息来源.

    as a / an __, i have been ___. besides, i won _____in ____. if you consider my application, please call me at ___.

    thank you for considering my application and i’m looking forward to your early reply.yours sincerely,

    li hua





    dear sir or madam,

    i’m a student from xinhua university. i’m glad to learn that you want a

    few part-time english reporters. i’m quite interested in it.

    i think i’m fit for the job. as a student, i’ve read a lot and have much knowledge in many fields. i’m fond of english and do well in both speaking and writing. besides, i’m easy to get along with and enjoy working together with others. above all, i once worked as a reporter for my school broadcasting station. so i’m sure i can do the job.

    i’m looking forward to an early reply if possible. and i’d appreciate it very much if you could call me at 13936925255.

    thank you very much.

    yours sincerely,

    li hua

    univ. of sciences, i am glad to write this letter furnishing my evaluation of his

    academic aptitude for your reference. mr. chen is interested in your graduate program

    i came to know him in september 1987 when mr. chen eolled in my class on fortran iv programming, a three semesters course. in the class he was one of the most outstanding students. at the semester final he earned a high grade of 81, which

    should be a according to our grading system. i also found him good at other studies. in view of his previous achievements in this college, i am firmly convinced that mr. chen will make a successful graduate student. your favorable consideration of his admission will be highly appreciated.

    i came to know him in september 1987 when mr. chen eolled in my class on fortran iv programming, a three semesters course. in the class he was one of the most outstanding students. at the semester final he earned a high grade of 81, which should be a according to our grading system. i also found him good at other studies. in view of his previous achievements in this college, i am firmly convinced that mr. chen will make a successful graduate student. your favorable consideration of his admission will be highly appreciated.



    dear sir or madam,

    i have learned from xinhua daily that an english teacher is needed in your school i am writing to apply for the position.

    i am ready for an interview at any time. your kind consideration of my application will be highly appreciated. (any favorable consideration of my application will be highly appreciated. )

    yours sincerely,

    wang fang



    注意:1. 词数120左右;

    2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;

    dear sir or madam,

    i am a senior school student named li hua.

    —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— yours faithfully,

    li hua


    dear sir or madam,

    i am a senior school student named li hua. i have just read in the newspaper that a part-time tour guide of the english language is needed in your travel agency. i am writing to apply for the position.

    i am ready for an interview at any time. your kind consideration of my application will be highly appreciated.

    (any favorable consideration of my application will be highly appreciated. i a(来自:www.zaidian.cOm 在 点 网:给旅行社写信的英语作文)m lokin forward to hearing from you.)

    yours faithfully,

    li hua















    我十分珍惜在校的学习时间,不断从各个方面完善自己。一方面,我刻苦攻读、认真务学,每个学期都以优秀的成绩完成规定学科的学习,大学二年级,我以良好的成绩通过了 英语 专业四级的 考试 ,现在,我正以饱满的热情准备着专业八级的 考试 。我还利用课余时

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